Rim Pro the first foldable wheel protector

Rim Pro Wheel Protector covers your rims while applying tire treatments. Simple to operate just unfold and place in front of the rim. Apply your desired tire cleaner or tire treatment. Once the tire treatment application is complete just fold it up for the next use. This will save you a lot time by eliminating the need to wipe the messy chemicals off your wheels. Putting a cover over your wheels while applying chemicals keeps the over spray off your brake calipers and prevents possible brake issues.

Folds into a compact package for easy storage. The Rim Pro becomes one third its original size. Comes with a custom fitted pouch for each size. The small package makes it easy to store in your glove box, trunk or detail kit. The other wheel shields on the market are large more like a trash can lid. When these products are stored in your trunk they can create a ring of chemicals.

You will find that a Rim Pro wheel protector for detailing when used every time during tire treatment applications will create a chemical free wheel. Which helps it stay clean longer and makes it much easier to maintain the shine. Your wheels will love you for it. The chemicals on your wheels gives dirt and brake dust something to stick to. Which can scratch and damage your wheels over time.

The great thing about the foldable Wheel Protector it is totally washable. You can hose it down if necessary or hand wash it in the sink. Rim Pro users have contacted us saying their wheel protector has lasted over 10 years with no issues after cleaning. All our products comes with a guarantee from factory defects.

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Rim Pro Wheel Protector folded up for easy storage. Stop tire treatment overspray


Our Wheel Protectors Fits From 13″ To 20″ Wheels

To purchase this affordable and easy to use over spray wheel protector, look at the size marked on your tires or just pick the size that is the same as your wheels.

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