The new hands free foldable Pro Rim Pro is very easy to use.

Remove all parts from the packaging. This includes pouch, wheel protector, friction cup assembly with adjustment washer. The black adjustment washer is removed by snapping out of the back of the friction cup and removing from the tube. Remove the wheel protector from the custom pouch. Keep away from face because it will spring open.

To Assemble:
Insert tube from back side into the desired hole generally closer to the handle for cars and farther away from the handle for trucks. Now slide the black adjustment washer on the tube from the front side of wheel protector.

To Use:
To attach to the wheel put the friction cup through the wheels spokes. The friction cup will catch against the back of the wheel spoke. Pull the tube from the front while sliding the adjustment washer toward the wheel protector until there is a slight tightness and the wheel protector is held in place. Now apply your desired tire treatment or cleaner.

After one wheel is treated you can move to the next by simply slightly pushing in, to release the friction cup. Move to the next wheel and push in slightly, so that the friction cup can grab the backside of the wheel spoke again. This technique works if all wheels are the same depth.

To Store:
After all wheels have been treated, simply fold it up by twisting and pushing your hands toward each other. There is no need to remove the friction cup assembly at this time. Just put the whole foldable assembled product back into the custom fitted pouch. There is no need to wash the wheel protector with normal use.

Now your wheels will have less overspray on them and are much easier to keep clean. The overspray is one of the biggest reasons your wheels get dirty so quickly. The treatment on your wheels gives dirt and brake dust a medium to stick to.


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