A foldable wheel protector that is easily stored.

Rim Pro Wheel Protector was created too make rim care quicker and easier. When you eliminate messy over spray getting on your rims the easier the next clean up will be. The chemicals left behind on your rims gives dirt and brake dust something to stick too. The less time you spend detailing your car the more time you can enjoy it.

The process of developing Rim Pro came from a need to keep chemicals off the rims. Before it was created we were using a round metal disc to cover our wheels. We knew that the idea was possibly marketable and patent able if it would fold up. After looking around there was nothing available but wheel shields. Those products wouldn’t fold up and made them uneasy to store. To have a user friendly wheel protector it needed to fold up and be easy to store. Now you can take it where ever you go be it a car wash or car show. Every Rim Pro comes with a custom fitted storage pouch.

Almost everyone knows that feeling of bring home a new car or truck. You want to keep it clean and well maintained as long as possible. Now every time you apply tire treatment just protect your rims from over spray to keep them looking new. Now the day comes and you purchase some sweet custom rims. If you use the Rim Pro every time those new rims will look like new a lot longer. Also some tire treatments can damage a raw aluminum or powder coat finished rim. A powder coat rim may peel and a aluminum rim can turn grey.

The great thing about the foldable Rim Pro Wheel Protector it is totally washable. Buy today.

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Wheel shield that prevents over spray
Wheel Protector that protects from overspray
Foldable Wheel protector

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